I am pleased to offer the following types of service on an hourly or fixed contract basis:

  • Software Application Development
  • Mentoring or Assisting Your Development Project
  • Training in Software Development with IDL

Of course, other arrangements are possible. I would be happy to discuss any project of interest with you.

In my professional career, I have performed a variety of activities, developed skills with numerous techniques and technologies, and applied them in many domains. Below is a listing of the highlights directly related to software consulting:


  • Software Design and Development
  • Mentoring Scientists Programming in IDL
  • Customized Training Sessions
  • Collaborating on Research Projects
  • Knowledge Engineering, Expert System Development

Techniques, Technologies

  • Advanced IDL
    • Widgets, GUI
    • Objects
    • 3D Object Graphics
    • DataMiner, ODBC
    • ActiveX Integration
    • IDL-Python Bridge
    • Hardware Integration
  • Object-Oriented Design/Programming
  • Advanced GUI Development
  • Common LISP, CLOS
  • Windows, Unix, Macintosh
  • Optimization, Curve and Surface Fitting
  • Classification, Clustering
  • Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming
  • Image Segmentation, Analysis
  • In progress: Python, R, Hadoop, OODT

Application Domains

  • 2D and 3D Imaging: Photographic, Magnetic Resonance, Infrared, CT
  • 3D Lidar Point Cloud Analysis
  • Spectroscopy: Magnetic Resonance, Infrared
  • Scientific and Medical Research
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Product Testing
  • Clinical Drug Testing
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Development